KAYU has grit, Honey Badger Grit

The honey badger, this humble-looking mammal (Mustelidae family) is admired in Africa for its ingenuity, prowess, strength, and fearlessness. Always learning and adapting to new situations, the honey badger, also called ratel in French and Afrikaans, stops at nothing to get the job done. Its rather small size (55-77 cm of body length for a body mass of 5 to 16 kg) does not prevent him from fighting against snakes and lions!

At KAYU Adventures, we are always moving, learning and building our niche in an industry that is saturated with the same-old tours and experiences. We have adapted and built a strong relationship with communities and uncovered little-known gems all around South Africa as well as making such adventures possible that have required skills, experience and dedication.

We’ve explored the high mountains, rafted down rivers, immersed ourselves in the bustling African markets, relaxed on expansive beaches and camped under the African night sky deep in the bush.

Ratel Vs Lions (Française)

Let us build you a truly unique South African Adventure